Time in Paris

Greetings from Paris! Here Phil, Margarita and Trudy are having a meeting and are well settled in the generalate apartment in Rue Notre Dame de Champs. We were fortunate to be able to use the new big meeting room for our meetings – the room of the former archives.  It is wonderful to see how the space for the new archives have been set up.

We enjoyed the hospitality of the sisters and are well cared for. Being in Paris gave us the opportunity to take part in some of the activities that organized. One of these was an invitation to SIDIC to have prayer and afterwards delicious crepes to celebrate the feast of the “Presentation of Jesus in the Temple” and remember specially the year of consecrated life. We were 12 sisters  and it was a great gathering with stimulating conversation. We were grateful to Louise Marie and Dominique for their welcome.

Among the other sisters whom we met here were Anne Denise, Eva and Maite.

After some business meetings we enjoyed a walk  along the Champs Elysees to the Arch de Triomphe,   and could see the Eiffel Tower from there.We were invited to the Chateau of Versailles for   a guided tour of 18th Century    furnishings which was magnificent. It was beautiful sunny afternoon so the Hall of Mirrors         was superb.

We enjoyed inviting Isabelle Marie and Genevieve for supper in our apartment. They were here for the Reunion of Past Students.

It was a joy to visit the contemplatives in Grandbourg, to visit the cemetery and Fr. Theodore’s grave.

We are most grateful for the very worthwhile and interesting time we had in Paris.  We thank the Region and the Sisters here for their hospitality, which enabled us to work fruitfully.

Blessings and love

Sr. Phil Conroy, nds

Sr. Ana Margarita Murillo, nds

Sr. Gertruda Nabuurs, nds