Biblical Spirituality in Sion


Our biblical spirituality in Sion is based on the daily study of the Word of God, a study  enlightened by the Jewish Tradition because it was to the Jewish People that God spoke to first. This spirituality should be shared with others: associates, friends and all those who thirst for the Word (Constitutions) In Ein ... Read more...

In the Footsteps of Jesus

A reading of Matthew’s Gospel.

Students EBP

In 28 days with 28 participants coming from 6 different countries, studied, explored, conversed, questioned, and formed community of trust and companionship as they searched together, and alone, to grapple with the Word of God in the land we call holy. The group comprised educators, many coming from Australia who also held different positions of ... Read more...


Session biblique á Jerusalem!

Le Centre de formation biblique de Notre Dame de Sion à Jérusalem propose: deux sessions par an, d’un mois chacun, l’une autour des Pâques juive et chrétienne, l’autre autour des fêtes juives d’automne.

Ces sessions sont animées par les frères et les sœurs de Notre Dame de Sion.
Les prochaines sessions auront lieu en 2012: celle du printemps du 24 mars au 22 avril inclus
Celle de l’automne du 11 septembre au 11 octobre inclus.

“Jérusalem, en toi sont toutes mes sources” cf Ps 87,7