My Experience in the Bi-Lingual School of Hand in Hand

My voluntary experience in the Bi-Lingual School “Hand in Hand” is with Arab (Moslem and Christian) and Jewish children. There are two teachers in each class: one Israeli and the other Arab because the children learn both languages directly from the Jewish and Arab teachers. I am assigned to the first class, seven year olds. This is a great experience for me and a great challenge since I belong to the International Novitiate of the Congregation of “Our Lady of Sion”. This is the perfect place to be, to put into practice our spirituality, that of living peace and dialogue with others who are different and accept them as they are.

I helped the children with Arabic, Arithmetic and played with them at sports time or during the break. The children are very happy when I play with them. Their teachers encourage me to use my talents with them so every Tuesday I do handicrafts with them. The children enjoy it and they wait for every Tuesday to learn some new handicraft. This is a great opportunity for me to prepare at home a new handicraft to teach these children. I enjoy it too because I like to create simple objects out of materials around the house that otherwise we would just throw away.

During the first week we had lot of fun because I did not differentiate who spoke Arabic and who spoke Hebrew and I spoke the language to the wrong person. I like to speak to all the children so I asked someone to translate me to a Hebrew speaking child. Some of the children try to teach me some words in Hebrew but it is funny because I do not pronounce it very well. This is a great challenge for me but I love it.

Victoria Nabil-novice, nds