Mothers’ Day in Berba

March 21st is the day on which Mother’s day is celebrated in Egypt. A real time for mothers and is well celebrated.

The Day care Centre for Challenged children which takes place on the third floor of our house  had a great morning for the parents where we enjoyed dancing and special items for their mums.

The Kindergarten classes in the Development Center, sponsored by the El Minia Diocese, had many items to entertain their families, a large percentage of which are Muslim

During the regular Catechism classes held each Friday the children were busy making flowers for their mums. It was a joy to watch the little ones! After each class they also get the chance to play in the garden with its plentiful playing equipment.

During my visit this time I was more impressed than ever by the great relations between many of the Christians and Muslims. I feel sure that this is something that has grown and strengthened over the 20 years that our Sisters have been in Berba. The impact of the 21 Martyrs Egyptian Martyrs killed could still be felt as many there were affected. These growing positive relation were obvious in the celebrations for mothers who attended the different concerts. Those responsible for the Day care and the Kindergarten in the Development Centre as well as the leaders in the Parish all have grown in their attitude to both groups.  This is so important at a time when Islamophobia and Anti-Christian attitudes seem to be growing in our society. I have a sense that both Fr. Theodore and Sr. Emmanuelle would be smiling down on Berba.

Sr. Trudy Nabuurs, nds