Concert in Ecce Homo by Manfred Bleffert

Recently we had a guest at Ecce Homo, who asked if he would be allowed to play the organ in our basilica.  We of course encouraged him to do this since we want the organ  to be used more often.  Manfred is an internationally known performer, instrument maker and workshop leader. Inspired by Goethe, he is interested in how different materials manifest their nature in sound and how these manifestations of sound can work healing on the human being and the Earth. He has developed new string instruments as well as new instruments in metal, wood and stone.

The short organ recital in Ecce Homo was based on his composition of Seven ‘I am’ words of Jesus, each one linked to different parts of the world

I am the Bread of life – Africa

I am the Light of the World – The Middle East

I am the Door – Asia

I am the Good shepherd – Europe

I am the Resurrection and the Life – North America

I am the Way – South America

I am the Way – Australia/Oceania

It was a beautiful short meditation concert on our Mader Organ, which Manfred told me he enjoyed playing and hearing the lovely French tone and variations.  He plans to come again to Jerusalem next year with a group and has already thought out a possible workshop based on the ideas of the Heavenly Jerusalem.

Sr. Maureen Cusick, nds