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Encounter of two brothers in Istanbul

141130_francis_istanbul _with_bartholomeus_1

Pope Francis visit in Istanbul, Nov 29th-30th, 2014 Much has been written about this event, but I am happy to share my personal experience, since I was in Istanbul when Pope Francis came. On that Thursday, November 27, Istanbul was bubbling with excitement. Since our high school is next to the cathedral, it was also agitated. ... Read more...

Interfaith Peace Prayer 2014


At the Museum of the Seam in Jerusalem An Interfaith prayer initiated by the Inter-Religious Coordinating Council in Israel (ICCI) was held on Thursday evening, Oct. 29th at the Museum of the Seam in Jerusalem. The evening was moderated by Dr. Deborah Weissman, co-vice chairperson of ICCI and consisted of prayers and reflections on Peace, ... Read more...

English Biblical Program 2014

In the footsteps of Jesus according to Markus


Walking “In the Footsteps of Jesus” with the September/October class of 2014 was a time of Pilgrimage one dreams about but not too often are one’s dreams realized. With a strong contingent from Australia, the group represented 10 different countries from around the world. Following introductions on our first and second day, Mark Walsh led ... Read more...

Sr. Marie Claire’s Golden Jubilee


It was on the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary that the community of Gémenos chose to celebrate Sr. Marie Claire’s Golden Jubilee. This date was chosen because Diane and Agnes happened to be in Aubagne at this time and together with Genevieve, could also celebrate with them and Sr. Marie Claire. The Eucharist ... Read more...

Amen – A Prayer for the World

آمين – صلاة من أجل العالم

140922_ebd_prayer_ sculptures

On June 17th, Carina, Wafaa and I attended the opening night of an exhibition called “Amen – A Prayer for the World” at the Museum of Modern Art on the Cairo Opera House grounds. The exhibition was sponsored by CARAVAN, which began in Cairo in 2009 and whose mission statement is: Building bridges through the ... Read more...