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Interfaith Life in Aubagne


This year 2014 started well with the performance of “Pierre et Mohamed”. More than 250 people of all religions responded to our group’s invitation and listened in eloquent silence to the beautiful dialogue between the Bishop of Oran and his young chauffeur. After the performance, an encounter in the theater’s front hall gave people the ... Read more...

English Biblical Program. June 2014

Responses and reflections by the participants.

Biblical Program

Most of the 30 participants are now home after 28 days of studying Mark’s Gospel; walking the land and meeting and speaking with its peoples in this land we dare to call holy. The main lecturer for the June program “Rediscover Jesus in the Land with Mark” was Br. Mark McVann fsc from USA. Mark ... Read more...

Vigil of the Pentecost

Commentary to the readings

Pentecost fire

Introduction of the readings Genesis 11:1-9 Listening  to the story of Babel we can ask a question: Why did God want to destroy the unity of the children of Noah? Why God is presented as the One who introduces disharmony in humanity that had one goal, destroying their engagement and dispersing in the world? As ... Read more...


Video about the Ecce Homo Underground


A new wonderful video about our  Ecce Homo Convent and its Roman pavement – Lithostrotos. Read more...

Memorare Prayer


“Memorare”, a prayer in honor of the Virgin Mary which was very close to Fr Marie-Alphonse, was translated into Hebrew and composed by Benedetto F. Di Bitonto as a gift for Tiago NDS on the occasion of his perpetual profession. Read more...