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Our Advent Journey 2014-1


The First Week Every year, whether in cycle A with Matthew, or cycle B with Mark, or cycle C with Luke, the Gospel of the First Sunday of Advent does everything in its power to grab our attention – “Wake up! Be alert! Be ready! Be aware! Keep awake! Be on your guard! Wake up!” ... Read more...

About Sukkot


The root of the word « sukkot » expresses the idea of covering, sheltering, temporary. The most important in this construction is then the roof made of branches. A sukka is a booth or a hut. It was used to shelter the flocks (Gn 33,17), or to protect from the heat during the gathering of the crops ... Read more...

About the Sukkah

Celebration of Sukkot in Linz

The sukkah is a place of the souls. It is a place of pure and personal relations to God. This relation comes from the divine soul given to every Jew which has – hopefully – been discovered (again) during Rosh Hashana and Jom Kippur. Hence, Sukkot is also the knowledge: no matter in which spiritual ... Read more...

The Eve of the Day of Kippur

يوم الغفران


The Kol Nidrei (all the vows), which opens the day of Kippur in the evening, has an obscure origin. It asks God to annul the oaths that people could do from this Yom Kippur until the next one. It has been thought that it comes from the times of the Maranas, the Jews of Spain ... Read more...

Feast of Rosh Ha Shanah

روش ها شنا


The pilgrimage festivals are concentrated on seeing, the feasts of Rosh Hashanah and Kippur on listening. In fact there was and there is still much to see, to feel, to touch, on the occasion of each one of those festivals, Pesah, Shavuot and above all Sukkot. Not only the vision but all the senses are ... Read more...