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The feast of Hannukah 5776


Hanukka means inauguration, dedication: this festival takes place on the 25th of the month Kislev, ninth month of the Jewish year. It celebrates the dedication of the Second Temple after it had been profaned by the Greek empire in 164 bc (cf I Mac 4, 36-62; II Mac 10) , A midrash (Midrash Psikta Rabbati ... Read more...

The Pope’s visit in Istanbul


Gathering of Christians of different rites at the mass in the Cathedral The Pope’s visit to Turkey November 28-30 was a moment of grace for the Christians as well as for many of our Muslim friends. For in Ankara the Pope insisted on the necessary communion between Muslims and Christians so as “to oppose the ... Read more...

Encounter of two brothers in Istanbul

141130_francis_istanbul _with_bartholomeus_1

Pope Francis visit in Istanbul, Nov 29th-30th, 2014 Much has been written about this event, but I am happy to share my personal experience, since I was in Istanbul when Pope Francis came. On that Thursday, November 27, Istanbul was bubbling with excitement. Since our high school is next to the cathedral, it was also agitated. ... Read more...

Our Advent Journey 2014-1


The First Week Every year, whether in cycle A with Matthew, or cycle B with Mark, or cycle C with Luke, the Gospel of the First Sunday of Advent does everything in its power to grab our attention – “Wake up! Be alert! Be ready! Be aware! Keep awake! Be on your guard! Wake up!” ... Read more...

English Biblical Program 2014

In the footsteps of Jesus according to Markus


Walking “In the Footsteps of Jesus” with the September/October class of 2014 was a time of Pilgrimage one dreams about but not too often are one’s dreams realized. With a strong contingent from Australia, the group represented 10 different countries from around the world. Following introductions on our first and second day, Mark Walsh led ... Read more...