Anniversary of the death of Fr. Mary, 6th May 2015 at Ein Karem

<<What can we do with a poor blind man who should not dream of anything else any more except preparing himself for his death>>, he repeated continuously. <<For the love of God, leave me to die in peace in my small corner, you will see that I will not live for long after our good father. The good God made a mistake, I should have gone the first one. I always hoped that I shall not live longer than the Blessed Virgin, 70 years. >> Mother Eléonore.

It was in this <<little corner>> of the cemetery full of flowers cared for by Brother Carlos, that we started the celebration of Fr. Mary’s entering into eternal life on the 6th of May 1884. Then we went in procession to the Novitiate Terrace where the Eucharist was celebrated. It was presided by Father Paul Collin, the ex-parish priest of the Hebrew speaking Parish of Bersheva and Auxiliary Emeritus Bishop of the Chaldean Church.

Following the celebration, we enjoyed the cakes and drinks that waited for us in the Noviciate House. It was a Happy Sionian gathering around Fr. Mary who continues to inspire our welcoming ministry in this space of beauty and peace.

Sr. Anne-Catherine, nds